Recent Calls
Sun. Feb 14th 2016
This morning around 0830, Cetronia and mutual aid were dispatched to the 4000 blk of Chew Steet in Cetronia for a chimney fire. Chief 303 immediately arrived and reported normal conditions from the ou...
Sat. Feb 13th 2016
Engine 311 responded as a extra engine on a second alarm house fire - 2200 blk of Seipstown Rd, Weisenberg Township. Crews assisted with overhaul in the attic area. Engine 311 also acted as a "fi...
Wed. Feb 10th 2016
Engine and Tower positioned at a early morning high rise fire alarm. Crews discovered a fire that was already extinguished in a bathroom.
Thu. Jan 28th 2016
Engine 311 is currently transferred to Station 31 (Western Salisbury) while they operate at a 2nd alarm house fire in Eastern Salisbury.
Wed. Jan 20th 2016
Today at 11AM Tower 331 w/3 and Chief 301 responded as part of the initial box to the Taco Bell on Lehigh St in Salisbury Township (Station 31) for a structure fire.Companies found fire in the walls e...
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