Sunday, February 14th, 2016
This morning around 0830, Cetronia and mutual aid were dispatched to the 4000 blk of Chew Steet in Cetronia for a chimney fire. Chief 303 immediately arrived and reported normal conditions from the ou...
Saturday, February 13th, 2016
Engine 311 responded as a extra engine on a second alarm house fire - 2200 blk of Seipstown Rd, Weisenberg Township. Crews assisted with overhaul in the attic area. Engine 311 also acted as a "fi...
Wednesday, February 10th, 2016
Engine and Tower positioned at a early morning high rise fire alarm. Crews discovered a fire that was already extinguished in a bathroom.
Thursday, January 28th, 2016
Engine 311 is currently transferred to Station 31 (Western Salisbury) while they operate at a 2nd alarm house fire in Eastern Salisbury.
2019 Santa Run

It's time again for the 2019 Santa Run conducted by Cetronia Fire Department.

On December 21, 2019 starting with a departure from our firehouse at 10 AM, Santa will be escorted around our first-due area by our fleet of fire trucks and our members.

Listen for the sirens, check the posted maps to see the route in the event "Discussion" and come out to see Santa! A turn by turn is also listed below.

Click here for the 2019 Santa Run Route Map

(Due to the overwhelming amount of requests we receive, we are unable to accommodate specific streets or houses. We will be adhering to our posted route.)

Route 1 / Approximately 30 Minutes

Starts at Station 3
Left on Broadway
Left on S. 40th St.
Continue on Westview Dr. to S. 41st St.
Right on S. 41st St. to S. Cedarbrook Rd.
Right on S. Cedarbrook Rd. to Broadway
Left on Broadway to Angus Pl.
Right on Angus Pl. to N. 42nd St.
Right on N. 42nd St. to Chew St.
Right on Chew St. to Tamarack Dr.
Left on Tamarack Dr. to N. 41st St.
Right on N. 41st St. to Chew St.
Left on Chew St. to N. 39th St.
Right on N. 39th St. to W. Turner St.
Right on W. Turner St. to N. 41st St.
Left on N. 41st St. to Linden St.
Left on Linden St. to N. 37th St.
Right on N. 37th St. to Broadway
Right on Broadway to Parkway Rd.

Route 2 / Approximately 15 Minutes

Starts on Parkway Rd. from Broadway to Briarcliff Rd.
Left on Briarcliff Rd. to Windsor Dr.
Continue in Windsor Rd. to Midland Rd.
Right on Midland Rd. to Parkway Rd.
Left on Parkway Rd. to Midland Rd.
Right on Midland Rd. to Chelsea Ln.
Left on Chelsea Ln. to Beverly Dr.
Right on Beverly Dr. to Windsor Dr.
Right on Windsor Dr. to Parkway Rd.
Right on Parkway Rd. to Hampshire Ct.
Right on Hampshire Ct. to Parkway Rd.
Right on Parkway Rd. to Dylan Dr.

Route 3 / Approximately 25 Minutes

Starts on Dylan Dr. from Parkway Rd. to Creek Rd.
Left on Creek Rd. to Hobart Ave.
Left on Hobart Ave. to Dylan Dr.
Left on Dylan Dr. to Jervin Dr.
Left on Jervin Dr. to Dylan Dr.
Left on Dylan Dr. to N. Whitman St.
Straight on N. Whitman St. to Kilmer Ave.
Right on Kilmer Ave to Lowell St.
Right on Lowell St. to Bryant St.
Left on Bryant St. to Kilmer Ave.
Left on Kilmer Ave. to Springhouse Rd.
Right on Springhouse Rd. to Wordsworth St.
Right on Wordsworth St. to Longfellow St.
Right on Longfellow St. to Dylan Dr.
Left on Dylan Dr. to Parkway Rd.

Route 4 / Approximately 30 Minutes

Starts on Lincoln Ave. at Hamilton Blvd. to Oakwood Trail
Left on Oakwood Trail to Alma Dr.
Right on Alma Dr. to Lincoln Ave.
Straight on Highpoint Dr. to Hillview Rd.
Left on Hillview Rd. to Crest View Dr.
Left on Crest View Dr. to Lincoln Ave.
Right on Lincoln Ave. to Catherine Ave.
Right on Catherine Ave. to Dominic Dr.
Left on Dominic Dr. to Surrey Dr.
Left on Surrey Dr. to Edward Ave.
Right on Edward Ave. to Patricia Dr.
Left on Patricia Dr. to Catherine Ave.
Right on Catherine Ave. to Edward Ave.
Left on Glick Ave. to Birch Ave.
Right on Birch Ave. to Jefferson Ave.
Right on Jefferson Ave. to Lindberg Ave.
Left on Lindberg Ave. to Cedar Crest Blvd.
Straight on Club Dr. from Cedar Crest Blvd. to Americus Ave.
Left on Americus Ave. to Mosser Dr.
Right on Mosser Dr. to Ryan Dr.
Left on Ryan Dr. to Elm Dr.
Right on Elm Dr. to Cedar Crest Blvd.

Route 5 / Approximately 15 Minutes

Right on Cedar Crest Blvd. from Elm Dr. to Union St.
Left on Union St. to S. 35th St.
Left on S. 35th St. to Sycamore St.
Left on Sycamore St. to S. 34th St.
Left on S. 34th St. to Fairview St.
Right on Fairview St. to S. 33rd St.
Left on S. 33rd St. to Union St.
Left on Union St. to Haines Mill Rd.
Right on Haines Mill Rd.
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